Cardboard Boxes

Box-it South Africa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard boxes that was established in 1992 and has since then grown to be a well-known name in South African markets.

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of corrugated and velcote cardboard boxes that are used in the industrial, commercial and home markets. These cartons range from small die cut to large industrial packaging. Our cardboard boxes can be manufactured according to your specifications in any corrugated material, such as single, double or E-Flute, as well as white or brown.

As a cardboard box manufacturer and supplier in South Africa, we need to be innovative and continuously provide our clients with top quality products at competitive prices. Some of our clients range from the automotive industry to home, mining, appliance and corporate sectors across South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries.

Our wide range of cardboard boxes include:

We also sell other products, such as flat cardboard sheets, corrugated cardboard rolls, paper products, packaging materials and tools / equipment.

Box-it South Africa is your comprehensive packaging solutions provider.

So if you are looking for cardboard boxes and fast, reliable service at unrivalled delivery times, contact your nearest Box-it branch today.