Do Something Nice Day – With Box-It

So it's October 5th, World “Do something nice” day. Truly a great day for thinking outside the box and doing something small to make someone smile or just to have happy moment with someone.

Below is a short list just on some ideas that can really help you share the joy of this kind day.

Storage Boxes For Someone That Could Use It

Have you seen some of the prices of those pretty storage boxes in home decor stores? Save your money and make your own using new or the great condition boxes from Box-It. A bit of material as an outer shell, with old linen or cotton inside, glued with tassels or plain and a little clay or material patch or tag to mark what is in the box.

Donating Food Or Cloths To A Charity

Boxes are perfect for collecting food, cloths and blankets at your work, the shops or your local community centres. The boxes will allow for easy transport and packaging of the donations making it a lot easier to handle. Filling a box with lots of cans, it will be easier to carry in a box than one hundred trips, carrying dozens of cans out of the car and you can label the boxes so you know what is in them and what goes where.

Recycling Paper Material

Boxes were basically made for this. Fill those old boxes with old newspapers and magazines, don't forget to remove the staples. Even those old doodles, cereal boxes, anything paper based really. Then drop off the box at the recycling centre or with your recycling for collection. Like that everything is recycled and there is less waste and less time needed sorting.