Home Moving Tips:

Moving your house takes time and a lot of careful planning. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, such as travelling time, the amount of goods that have to be moved, the space you are moving into, compared to the space you lived in, whether you’ll be moving everything yourself or if you will be making use of a moving company and so much more.

Packing up everything will require a lot of boxes, so make sure you buy quality boxes that will last through the moving, as well as thereafter.

At Box-it SA we sell quality single and double wall boxes, amongst other boxes. These boxes are great for moving. The single wall boxes are generally for lighter items, such as bedding, toys and more, whereas the double wall boxes are more for heavier goods, such as kitchenware.

Box-it SA also sells a range of packaging materials, such as tapes and bubble wrap and we also have Moving Kits, already made up, just to make your moving experience as convenient as possible.

Below are some very important tips for moving your house:

  • Pack an overnight bag with all the essential stuff you need, as moving house is tiring and you’ll most probably be too tired to pack out stuff before going to bed.
  • Keep the items you’ll need 1st in a clearly marked box near you.
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap / airothene / paper to protect them during the move.
  • Mark your boxes clearly so that you know what’s in them. You can also add which room the box will be going to make unloading fast and easy.
  • To protect your powder cosmetics, place an extra cotton pad or ball in there to keep them from breaking.
  • To prevent spillages of toiletries, cover the openings with plastic and then put the tops back on.
  • Pack your plates vertically in the boxes, as they are less likely to break that way.
  • In case of a jewellery display, wrap it with cling wrap to keep everything intact.
  • Get small zip lock bags and use them to store things in that you had to take apart, such as screws, bolts, etc. Remember to mark these bags clearly and keep them close to the object it’s used on (TV, Beds, etc.).
  • Make sure everything is safely packed and marked before moving
  • Remember to make a to do list to keep track of things that need to happen
  • Set aside your cleaning supplies for your moving day

Moving is stressful, but with proper planning and the right equipment, it sure to be a smoother experience.

For more information on our moving kits, moving boxes and packaging materials, contact your nearest Box-it Branch today!


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