Make Moving Fun

The words "fun" and "moving" rarely go together because, let's be honest: moving is usually a first-class ticket to Stress City. While we can't promise you'll feel like you just got back from a spa after following these tips, we do think you'll at least feel like you just got a very enjoyable day. Small steps for big progress!

Here are all of our best insider tips for making your next move… dare we say it, fun!

Make a Packing and Unpacking Playlist

This tip might seem a bit silly, but I swear it works!

Create two playlists that you can use for your move: a packing playlist and an unpacking playlist. For my packing playlist, I focused on peppy dance music to keep myself motivated. And for the unpacking playlist, I chose songs that were a bit more relaxing but still had some pow.

There's something psychological that happens in your brain when you go through this process with playlists that you have designated for these two tasks. Somehow, I was able to really kick into gear way easier than I normally would when I put on my "packing playlist."

Focus on Easy and Simple

When you're working on packing things up, look for any and every opportunity to make your life easier. Here are a few of my favourite tips:

If you have furniture like dressers filled up with clothes, leave the clothes in there rather than taking everything out and packing it separately. Your movers can wrap up your dresser and ensure none of the drawers move. When you get to your new place, you'll know exactly where everything is!

For clothes that are already on hangers in your closet, leave them on the hangers. Rather than giving that stuff to your movers, you can move the items yourself and just transfer them right into your new closet. Make sure when you stack up your items, you leave them in the same order they were in (if you like how they were organized). This will minimize your work even more.

If your flatware, kitchen tools and other items are already in drawer organizers, leave them in the organizers and pack them up that way. When you get to your new home, you can take them directly out of the box and just pop them right into a drawer. If you're not using organizers and you'd like to, now is an awesome time to do it. Purchase some organizers that you know will work in your new space and pack your kitchen stuff in them before you put them in the box.

Smaller Boxes Are Your Friend

This was a tip I discovered fairly recently, but it really made my last move SO much more enjoyable: go with smaller boxes.

I happen to love file boxes; you don't need tape to put them together, they're small and easily manageable, and they stack up perfectly. However, you don't necessarily need to use files boxes — just try going with boxes that are a bit on the smaller side.

Sometimes you do need larger boxes, but I found on my last move that I needed very few of them. And even though I had more boxes in total, I was still so much happier in the end. You can also pack and unpack smaller boxes much quicker, as well as easily move them around as you're going through the unpacking process. Unpacking the smaller boxes felt like I was constantly experiencing quick little wins, and that really kept me going.

Use an App

If organizing is not necessarily your favourite thing, then download a moving app like Moving Van.

This app will help you track exactly what's in each box, allowing you to snap pictures as you fill up your boxes. It also has a super handy search function, so when you're at your new place wondering "where did I pack my design coffee table book collection," you can search for the items and figure out exactly which box they were packed in.

Eat Some Junk Food

For those that are lucky enough to have a group of friends that help out on your moving day, make sure you plan ahead with a setup that will make them want to put you straight into the BFF category. Our idea? A junk food bar! Stock up on all the snacks that you know you shouldn't be eating but love to anyway: chips, chocolate bars, gummy candy, cookies, etc. Put it all out in your new space and encourage everyone to help themselves.

If you want to get fancy and have some time before the move, try some of these recipes, and whip up your own junk food buffet.

Create a Super Important Box

This tip, in my opinion, is mission critical. As you're packing up your space, make sure you have a box (or a piece of luggage) for all of your most important items. Think: outfits for a few days, exercise gear, your favourite shoes, toiletries, important docs, check book, food for your pet, medication, etc. Basically, all of the things that you'll need as soon as you get to your new home.

If you can't fit everything in one box or one piece of luggage, pack two! Just make sure you clearly mark these super important boxes so that you don't lose track of them in the move.

Set Up a Bribe Reward

This was another tip that worked really for me on my last move: I set up a personal bribe goal for myself that I worked really hard to achieve. Here's how it worked: I agreed that if I could unpack all of our boxes in one week, I could make an appointment for a 90-minute facial for myself.

Working toward this special treat actually really helped keep me motivated and not lose my mojo during the unpacking process (which was a common challenge in the past). I also told a few friends about the goal, and so all week I was getting "are you going to meet your deadline" questions via text and social media. I even had a friend who offered to join me at my spa appointment if I finished unpacking in time.

My biggest takeaway from my last move was this: do whatever works for you. Moving can be super stressful, so when you figure out the moving tricks that work best for you, do more of them and ditch the rest. Then you too can do the moving happy dance.