Packaging Material Supplier:

Box-it cc was established in 1992 and has grown to be one of South Africa's largest packaging material suppliers. We specialise in the design, manufacturing and supply of corrugated and velcote boxes that are used in the industrial, commercial and home markets for a variety of purposes. Our cardboard boxes can be manufactured according to customer specifications in any corrugated material, such as single, double or E-Flute, as well as white or brown.

Since our inception, Box-it has embarked on a major expansion drive to develop branches across South Africa to retain its reputation as a leading name in the industry. Some of the clients we supply with packaging materials include the automotive, home, mining, appliance and corporate sectors, just to mention a few. We don't only supply to the South African market, we also supply boxes and packaging materials to neighbouring countries.

We have developed the competence and capacity to supply and deliver any size order, as per your requirements.

The importance of quality packaging materials cannot be stretched enough. Packaging materials not only provide adequate support to your goods during transit or storage, but it also keeps your goods protected against shocks and other factors.

Our range of packaging materials include:

Other packaging materials are available on request.

For more information on our packaging materials and boxes, contact your nearest Box-it branch today.