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BOX-IT SA Your preferred packaging supplier...

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BOX-IT SA Your preferred packaging supplier...

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BOX-IT SA Your preferred packaging supplier...

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BOX-IT SA Your preferred packaging supplier...

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BOXES IN South Africa

Box-it SA was started in 1992 by Jenny Kruger and has since grown to incorporate 13 branches around Gauteng and the Western Cape. Box-it is embarking on a major expansion drive to develop branches across South Africa to retain its reputation as the leading Household name. We have developed the competence and capacity to supply and deliver any size of the order as per your requirements.

What Boxes do we do?

We design, manufacture and brand a full range of corrugated boxes used in the industrial, commercial and home markets and provide packaging materials.

  • Light-Duty Boxes
  • Heavy-Duty Boxes
  • Document Filing Boxes
  • Meat & Poultry Boxes
  • Moving Kits
  • Customised Boxes
  • Tapes
  • Project Board
  • Enviro Box Fillers

Cartons can be manufactured according to your specifications in any corrugated material such as Single-walled, Double-walled or E-Flute as well as white or brown.


Project Board

Introducing our Back to School project Board, the perfect tool to kickstart the new school year! Whether you’re a student or a teacher, this versatile and durable board is designed to enhance creativity and organisation in the classroom. From displaying project ideas to organising important deadlines, the Back to School project Board is a must-have for every educational setting. With its sleek and functional design, this board will not only inspire and engage students, but also provide a visually appealing addition to any classroom. Get ready to make this school year your most successful yet with the Back to School project Board from Box IT SAyour preferred packaging, boxes, and tape supplier.

Science Fair Project Board


PLEASE NOTE:  Prices may differ between Gauteng and Cape Town

Our Branches

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We cater for all of your Moving and Packaging Requirements:

Light Duty Moving Boxes Heavy Duty Moving Boxes Cardboard Sheets Wrapping BubbleWrap Tape Markers Customised Boxes for all requirements Santa Boxes Shoe Boxes Wine Branded Boxes Branded Boxes for Corporate Palette Wrapping Moving House Prepared Bundles Moving Office...

Tips: Recycling Boxes

Recycling boxes explained According to the Environmental Protection Agency, around 77 percent of all cardboard is recycled. However, not all cardboard can be recycled and it can become tricky remembering which is recyclable and which isn’t. Here are tips and advice...

Fun Facts About Cardboard Boxes

  Here are some fun facts about cardboard boxes without whose convenience, practicality and affordability any residential move would be simply unthinkable. A corrugated cardboard box can have a very interesting and diversified post-primary life. In other words,...

The History Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes History of corrugated cardboard boxes

  Nobody in the 1800s must have suspected the fundamental role corrugated cardboard boxes would play in the future. 105 AD, China. The fascinating history of corrugated cardboard boxes starts in Ancient China where paper – one of the greatest inventions of all...

Heritage Day With BoxIt

Brief History Of Cardboard Boxes And The History Of Bubble Wrap The extraordinary versatility of modern-day corrugated cardboard boxes and the outstanding protection of bubble wrap are hard to match during a house move. And yet, their respective invention and...

Boxes – Their Importance and Uses

Boxes are commonly used as storage. You can put things that you no longer use inside it. They can be used as permanent cases in your room; then hide them under the bed so you can save room space. They are also used as trash bins, laundry baskets, gift wrappers and...

Alternate Uses For Boxes

The humble cardboard box is filled with possibility, even after you've initially used it. But what do you usually do with a cardboard box once you're done with it? If you throw it out or recycle it, you're really missing out on its hidden potential. There are quite a...

BOX-IT SA for all your packaging needs...

We Manufacture.

BOX-IT SA for all your packaging needs...

We Brand.

BOX-IT SA for all your packaging needs...

We Customise.

BOX-IT SA for all your packaging needs...

We Deliver Quality.